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My PhD journey comes to an end: the role of ecological interactions

Ecology is often described as the web of life. Many complex interactions occur across this web, including between individuals of the same or different species (biotic) or between the environment and a species (abiotic). Understanding ecological interactions, such as the … Continue reading

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New paper: Ecosystem risk assessment of Georgina gidgee woodlands

Authors: Glenda Wardle, Aaron Greenville, Anke Frank, Max Tischler, Nathan Emery and Christopher R Dickman. Published in: Austral Ecology Special Issue: Ecosystem Risk Assessment Abstract: Ecosystems across the world, and the biodiversity they support, are experiencing increasing anthropogenic pressure, and … Continue reading

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New paper: On the validity of visual cover estimates for time series analyses

Authors: Vuong Nguyen, Aaron Greenville, Chris Dickman and Glenda Wardle. Journal: Plant Ecology Abstract: Changes in vegetation cover are strongly linked to important ecological and environmental drivers such as fire, herbivory, temperature, water availability and altered land use. Reliable means … Continue reading

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ESA2014 conference talk: the web of arid life

The web of arid life: biotic and abiotic interactions in a changing world. Below is my abstract and slides for the Ecological Society of Australia annual conference. My talk is a summary of the last three years on my PhD … Continue reading

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A 25 year commitment to digging for answers in the sand

Remote regions of Australia are rarely studied, but one research group from the School of Biological Sciences has been heading to the Simpson Desert for the last 25 years. This long-distance relationship has endured droughts, floods, fires and flies, but: … Continue reading

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Of mice and dogs

New study suggests that the role of the dingo in controlling smaller predators is more complex than first thought. A surveillance operation is underway in one of the most remote parts of the Australian continent. For 24 hours a day … Continue reading

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Predicting rat plagues in the heart of the continent

They ate the supplies belonging to Burke and Wills, and more recently chewed on the electrical wiring through-out homesteads, and have even disrupted communication networks. An invasion that presumably leaves the Channel Country in western Queensland and spreads out across … Continue reading

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