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Book review: The Biology of Deserts

David Ward, 2nd edition. Oxford University Press, Oxford, 2016. xv + 370 pp. First published in Austral Ecology. Contrary to the popular perception that deserts are wastelands, they house some of the most diverse communities of flora and fauna of … Continue reading

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New book: Lake Eyre basin rivers: environmental, social and economic importance.

Lake Eyre Basin Rivers outlines the environmental, social and economic values of the rivers from a diverse range of perspectives, including science, tourism, economy, engineering, policy, Traditional Owners and pastoralists. It describes the current state of the environment and the … Continue reading

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New paper: Desert mammal populations are limited by introduced predators rather than future climate change

Authors: Aaron C. Greenville, Glenda M. Wardle & Chris R. Dickman Published in: Royal Society Open Science Abstract: Climate change is predicted to place up to one in six species at risk of extinction in coming decades, but extinction probability … Continue reading

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