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New paper: Impact of 2019–2020 mega-fires on Australian fauna habitat

Journal: Nature Ecology & Evolution Abstract: Australia’s 2019–2020 mega-fires were exacerbated by drought, anthropogenic climate change and existing land-use management. Here, using a combination of remotely sensed data and species distribution models, we found these fires burnt ~97,000 km2 of … Continue reading

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Six million hectares of threatened species habitat up in smoke

New analysis led by Michelle Ward. Michelle Ward, The University of Queensland; Aaron Greenville, University of Sydney; April Reside, The University of Queensland; Ayesha Tulloch, University of Sydney; Brooke Williams, The University of Queensland; Emily Massingham, The University of Queensland; … Continue reading

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New Paper: Animal movements in fire-prone landscapes

Authors: Dale G. Nimmo, Sarah Avitabile, Sam C. Banks, Rebecca Bliege Bird, Kate Callister, Michael F. Clarke, Chris R. Dickman, Tim S. Doherty, Don A. Driscoll, Aaron C. Greenville, Angie Haslem, Luke T. Kelly, Sally A. Kenny, Jos´e J. Lahoz-Monfor, … Continue reading

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New paper: Interactions between wildfire and drought drive population responses of mammals in coastal woodlands

Authors: Mathew S. Crowther, Ayesha I. Tulloch, Mike Letnic, Aaron C. Greenville, & Chris R. Dickman Published in: Journal of Mammalogy (Feature article) Abstract: Fire is an ecologically important process in many habitats. Increases in the frequency and intensity of … Continue reading

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Not another blog?!

I have finally succumbed to the temptation of writing a blog. Not another blog?! –  I hear you say. Well yes. I am writing this as helicopters fly over head and sirens scream up the highway, off fighting a bush … Continue reading

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