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Citizen science: how you can contribute to coronavirus research without leaving the house

Ayesha Tulloch, University of Sydney; Aaron Greenville, University of Sydney; Alice Motion, University of Sydney; Cobi Calyx, UNSW; Glenda Wardle, University of Sydney; Rebecca Cross, University of Sydney; Rosanne Quinnell, University of Sydney; Samantha Rowbotham, University of Sydney, and Yun-Hee … Continue reading

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Ecosystem Dynamics lab: Honours Opportunities

Here at the Ecosystem Dynamics lab we are offering the following Honours projects: Can machine learning be used to accurately identify wildlife in remote camera trap images? (with WildCount, National Parks and Wildlife Service, NSW Government) This project will work … Continue reading

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PhD opportunity: Maximising the resilience of pastures to grazing and extreme drought events

Brief Project Summary:  This project aims to address the significant knowledge gap of how species composition may change due to extreme drought, and in-turn, quantify the loss of ecosystem function resulting from species turnover. Further, this project will identify species … Continue reading

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