Ecosystem Dynamics lab: Honours Opportunities 2022

Here at the Ecosystem Dynamics lab we are offering the following Honours projects:

DigiFarm: incorporating biodiversity into farming decisions (with the Sydney Institute of Agriculture)

We aim to develop a digitally enabled network which will monitor native flora and fauna to inform sustainable agricultural practices. A unique combination of methods will be used: We will test new methods in camera trapping and acoustic recorders (birds and bats) in quantifying on-farm biodiversity and develop spatial models to identify biodiversity hotspots.

See some of our research featured on ABC Catalyst.

Designing Citizen Science programs for identifying wildlife in remote camera trap images (with Australian Museum)

This project will work closely with DigiVol at the Australian Museum, and the School of Life and Environmental Sciences, University of Sydney. It will determine the level of uncertainty in using Citizen Scientists to identify species in remote camera trap images.

Does the new dingo cluster fencing in QLD lead to increases in land clearing?

Cluster fencing is currently being installed to limit livestock attacks from dingoes, but may also lead to other consequences, such as increases in land clearing within newly fenced areas. This project will use remote sensing and Google Earth Engine to investigate changes in land clearing.

Determining the distribution of sarcoptic mange in wombats

Little is known about the impact of mange on wombats in NSW. This project will start to address this knowledge gap using camera images WildCount fauna monitoring program from NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and wildlife carer records to determine the presence and severity of mange across NSW.

About Aaron Greenville

I'm an Ecologist investigating how ecosystems respond to climate change and the introduction of exotic species.
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